Using 120 film to make your own 127 film

Someone just requested I re-post this……

I wanted some 127 film for my Yashica 44 and Bencicni camera but coudn’t find any in my stash so I kept thinking I had heard of people cutting down film..the articles I had read didn’t seem all that easy but I had seen this gizmo and thought there must be a way to use it for film related adventures.  I got one of those cigar cutter gizmos at a cigar,cigarette store. They have an approx 54mm opening which normally closes around the cigar, and two half circle blades normally cut off the end of a cigar..Since I don’t smoke cigars…yuk!!..I imagine this is how that works.. These contraptions are about $2.50 so very inexpensive.  You can then pull the halves apart and sand with a bit of course sandpaper one of the little half moon blades so it is no longer sharp and then put the cutter back together..(It just slides back together)or just carefully sand one of the sides without taking the whole thing apart which is what I did cause mine would not come this point the sanded edge will not cut which is what you want…(both of the blades don’t need to be sharp) Next, carefully  slide it over your roll of 120, I needed to trim off one plastic edge of the 120 film roll in order for it to fit into the 54 mm opening. Make sure you have carefull measured to the same size as the 127 film so that you don’t make the 120 film too long to fit into the 127 spool..I used TMAX and cut it along the line that read “100” and it was perfect but of course you need  to measure with the  brand of 120 you are cutting since it won’t have the same markings on it. Next start turning the cutter in a continuous motion til its all cut, which takes about a minute or less, you will be able to feel when the blade gets to the plastic 120 spool..I started the process in subdued light then went into my make-shift darkroom to finish. Next you have to rewind onto a 127 spool, I carefully removed the “new127” film and then re-wound back on to the 127 spool.If anyone needs pictures of the “contraption” just let me know! hope this is helpful.Attached is an image from the Yashica 44 using cut down TMAX to 127 size.

Using 120 film to make your own 127 film

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